plug ins

How do you create a plug in?

If you want to create plug-ins for EVC (not the EVN port), you need a Mac (EVNEW can't do EVC) with either ResEdit (with Novatools) or MissionComputer.

ummm... in English?

Rossy, it always helps us answer your questions when we know what computer you're on. Do you have a Mac, or PC?
If you have a Mac, are you using OSX or Classic?

There are resource utility-applications you need to create plugs for EV:

1. If you have a Mac and an OS (Operating System) earlier than X, you use a Resource Editor called ResEdit. Or Mission Computer.
2. If you have a Mac and are using OSX, you need NovaTools.
3. If you have a PC, I have no idea what to use. Maybe Basillik? (bleh, I have no idea, someone help)

Plugins aren't exactly plug-n-play. I suggest going down to the forum called Developer's Corner, and just start reading some of the posts. Or, do a search, in the EV forum, for creating plugins. Be patient, it will take a bit of reading to understand it all, but if I can figure out ResEdit, anyone can. Good luck!

For more detailed information, EVDC is your friend.

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