Poll about legal status

wondering who has earned honored leader status


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Your legal status is just a number and if a particular action improves your status then doing it repeatedly will too. There's a max status of 32767 but your actual status is divided by the crime tolerance of the govt in question to find which label to display. The "honoured leader" string can be found in the data files but it may not be possible to get it with certain govts if they have a high crime tolerance. It's been some time since I played but I'm pretty sure I have had it before.

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Missions get repetitive after a while. In all of the EV games, once I've reached a certain point where I have a ship powerful enough to take on pretty much whatever comes my way, I've just gone on pirate-killing sprees to make money, the bonus being better rep with everyone around. I've gotten to the highest reputation status on multiple games with this simple method, just as a side-effect of my normal play style.

I voted "no", though I honestly can't remember.

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