Shareware Disk Names

Does anyone know what that one disk set of demo disks (with a bunch of shareware) was called? It came with a bunch of disks like 8 or something, and each one was different. One of them was an arcade game disk and it had escape velocity and bubble trouble on it (along with many other games). Does anyone know what they were called (the disks)?

Well, no I don't know what they are called. But I know where you could find one.

But like it was a disk not just with ambrosia software but like lots of different kinds of software. At least 50 programs per CD.

I've never heard of a SET of CDs like that. MacAddict and MacSecrets offered CDs with shareware on it, including a variety of games and stuff from ASW. Good luck finding it, let us know what you come up with. And welcome to the boards!

P.S. Post this in Just Games. Maybe someone from there an help you.

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