Ship Sequences

And Names

What are the orders and the names of the ships that you would usually buy while playing EV?
Mine has varied greatly over the years. I used to jump through various ships such as the Defender, the Scoutship, the Lightning, the Rapier, and anything else I could grab. On my most serious pilot, this was the sequence (I'll use their names with the order):

Destroyer: Shuttle
Destroyer A: Argosy
Destroyer B: Corvette
Destroyer πŸ˜„ Kestrel
(R.S.S.) Destroyer 😧 Rebel Cruiser
(R.S.S.) Destroyer E: Rebel Destroyer

I kept it pretty simple. I saved all the money I could for the Argosy, and I could work from there. As for downgrading from the Cruiser to the Destroyer, I did that because I decided the maneuverability of the Destroyer was great, and with proper upgrades it would be unstoppable.

As for my Confederate Ship sequence, that was somewhat different. I used different names as well (I think this is what I called them):

Eliminator: Shuttle
Eliminator A: Courier
Eliminator B: Argosy
Eliminator πŸ˜„ Corvette
Eliminator 😧 Kestrel
Eliminator E: Confed Frigate
Eliminator F: Confed Cruiser

The Courier is a nice ship. It also took me a little while to save up for that Cruiser.

You can probably tell which pilot I liked more though. πŸ˜„

Now share your sequences.

And yes, on an unrelated note, this is my 4000th post.

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I named each class something different, just seemed wrong to give a shuttle a bad*ss name.

Shuttle - Zephyr
Argosy - Phantom
Corvette - Nike
Kestrel - Nefarious Intent
Rebel Cruiser - Unhinged

Rebel Destroyer:Eternal Madness

Capturing is good.

Nice topic, brings back the memories...

Well my first time through, I had pretty uncreative names and went for practicality over everything else...

Shuttle: Adventurer
Scoutship: Firesprite
Corvette: Icestorm
Kestrel: Firebird
Rebel Destroyer: Firebird II

On subsequent pilots I got creative and switched a few things up, trying out some fighters (the Rapier is pretty cool -- you can fit so much stuff on it if you sell the rocket launcher) and things like that.

I stare at the dialog box for about 5 minutes until something comes to me. Then I do a II, III, IV, etc. for the rest of them.

Shuttle: Micron.
Scoutship: Dart.
Corvette: Doomblade.
Destroyer: Doomblade )(.

The Destroyer is effectively an overgunned, overshielded corvette.

Shuttle -> Scoutship -> Courier -> Argosy -> Corvette -> sometimes Kestrel.

I never re-use names.