Some good old plugs...

You know, from back in the day.

Hey everybody. I've had the urge lately to play two plugs from long past. One was (I believe) Star Wars-A New Republic (there's so many out there, it's hard to remember) and was a World War II total conversion complete with all the battleships, submarines, and planes. It was only a graphics plug, I believe, with no missions but it was still pretty fun. It may have been and EV Override plug but, being that I rarely played Override, I doubt it. Anyone know what happened to these plug-ins? I looked through all of the plugs on the EV addons page and I found one that slightly resembles Star Wars ANR but I'm not sure if that is it. I remember it had some missions with the Sri Ruk or something like that. Anyone know where these wonderful plugs have gone? And if anyone has them, could you email them to me? Thanks everybody.


I haven't heard of either of them, sorry. Why not DL that one from the addons page and try it anyway?

I've played it.

You don't get the combat rating "Bantha Fodder" in that one, and the guy that wrote the missions didn't seem to take his time with the descs. I have Star Wars ANA (A New Alliance) sitting on a CD somewhere if you want me to dig it out.

wondergirl, on Jul 25 2005, 12:56 AM, said:

...Why not DL that one from the addons page and try it anyway?View Post

I have downloaded it and tried it and I know now that it is not it. It has some similar (or maybe the same) graphics on it and I don't know if the one on the addons page is an earlier version of the plugin I'm thinking of. Star Wars ANR had Super Star Destroyers, Snowspeeders, all the good stuff. And there were some good missions.

The Apple Cřre, on Jul 27 2005, 03:33 AM, said:

...I have Star Wars ANA (A New Alliance) sitting on a CD somewhere if you want me to dig it out.
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I don't know if you made a mistake here and meant to put A New Republic but if so, sure, I'd love it. A New Alliance is on the addons page. I've tested it and I'm sure that that is not the plugin I'm thinking of.

Thanks both of you for the help. I guess that WWII plug is just gone. Thanks again.

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Thanks Apple Cřre. I used their site and checked back to 2000 but it seems that they do not archive the addons page. They are all in the same order as the regular page and they all say they were added on 08/12/04 or something like that. Thanks though buddy.

Anyone else know where I can find Star Wars: A New Republic?

Okay I've done a little research and it appears that the Star Wars plugin on the addons page is the one I'm thinking of (not Star Wars: ANA.) But, it is an earlier version. I think it was version 2.1 that I used to play. The addons page only has 2.0.1 and 2.0.5. What happened to this plugin? Did it disappear? Every page that has reference to it links back to or Kris Hauser's old page which no longer exists. The archive webpage has one archived webpage of Kris Hauser's old site, but it did not archive anything but the main page. What happened to this plug? Anyone know?

I think the addon pages were given a spring cleaning last year. Maybe it got removed then.

Does your copy have an email address somewhere in the documentation?
Then again, it's possible the '0' got dropped from your memory over the years, and it really was 2.0.1. I've heard people referring to things sans zeroes, and forgotten a detail here and there myself.

EDIT: and 8/12/04 is probably when they did their spring cleaning. See if the archive has the day before.

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Well it seems that doesn't archive the downloads archive of plugins. Archive. So no luck there.

I know that 2.0.1 is an earlier version of the plug because there is a 2.0.5 update on the same page haha. But anyway, I've downloaded the plug and the update and it doesn't have all the ships or planets that I remember. This one has most of the ships but all the systems are the same as standard EV but they are all renamed to Star Wars names. There might be a few new systems but nothing like the plug I remember. Darg.

Kris Hauser does list an e-mail address in the Read Me but I doubt it will still work being that it is a UCLA address and it's been quite some time since the plug was released (about 7 years or so.) Kris has probably graduated and the address is probably dead... unless he works there or something. Hmm...

I don't know where you can get the plug-in, but I can tell you that it's not likely that Kris Hauser will be any help even if you can contact him. Having long lost interest in Escape Velocity and frequently pestered and insulted about the bugs in an unauthorised and incompetent port of his plug-in to EV Override , he's no longer particularly well-disposed towards the EV community.