wich one?

whats your favorite?

🆒 well im a natural and i just started nova and im buying a ship so i wanted to here from you guys and sea from you what you like.After that tell me why you like this ship thanks.

Welcome, Sung In.

Unfortunately for you, this is the Escape Velocity (classic) board. You need to head over to the Nova boards, up where it says Ambrosia Software Web Board > Escape Velocity Web Boards. That is where you will find all the Nova posts.

A helpful hint... first, if you click on Escape Velocity Web Boards, then look at the very first topic, right below where it says Escape Velocity Web Board, says "pinned". What does it say...?

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I'll only post my favorite pic when I'm the first one to encounter the n00bs.

As wondergirl said, try here for best results. You should probably read the pinned topics there first though.