Problem with EV on OSX



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No. Unless you boot OS 9 with X not looking over its shoulder, it's going to be slower than a Quadra.

I acutally have the game set to 75% game speed because playing on my PB G4 was much faster than I was used to on my Power Performa 6115.

Unfortunately, the graphic driver in 10.3 and 10.4. gives EV choppy graphics. It's sad... 😞

You can port EV from EVO (which runs well in classic in all systems), and EVN (which is for OS X).

Actually, there's a version of Basilisk II for OSX, that should run EVC, but your best option would be to purchase EV:N, which allows you to play EVC and EVO on OSX, including enhanced graphics versions (And EV:N is a mighty game in its own right)