Clavius and Beyond

Looking for an older version of it

Here's the deal. If anyone here has been on the Nova boards of late and is reading the rEVisited is here topic, you know I've been reworking Clavius and Beyond to be compatible with rEVisited.

Upon doing a bit of nosing around while doing this work, I discovered that previous to v3.33 of Clavius and Beyond, there were two 3.32 versions. the standard 3.32 and 3.32s, the s meaning "soft", indicating that the more adult themes had been toned down or removed. I can only find 3.32s and I'd like to find the standard 3.32 version of Clavius and Beyond, mainly because I'd like to see if the writing(and translation) is any better(or worse) than in 3.33.

If any one has Clavius and Beyond 3.32 (no s on the end of that version, mind you), please respond in this topic with a link, or if you can't put it up anywhere, just say you need an e-mail to send it to. I'll PM an e-mail address.

Thanks in advance for the help.

I just went onto my ol' Centris 650 and I have a copy of the regular 3.32. Besides some crappy GeoCities sites (they're horrible for putting stuff up on), I don't have any web space, so I'll PM you for your e-mail.

Ok, I now have a copy of v3.32 of Clavius and Beyond for EV classic. Thanks a bunch, Destroyer E.