Plugin Question

Quick Question

if you are in the middle of a game can you load a plugin and still play? if so how?

Depends if it's a large plug in. If it changes much of the game, then no, your pilot will probably clash with the new information, which may permanently damage it. It may, however, be fine, depending on what has been done by said pilot.

If it's a small plug, chances are your pilot will be fine.

If you give me more information I can give a more detailed response.

What is the plug?
What has your pilot done?

The plug may not work as you expect it to if it relies on bits set or not set, changes outfits or ships already in the game that you may have, or replaces stuff you've already touched in some other way. If it's a simple "Add x to the game" it should work fine (a lot of plug-ins do only this). If it's a "Changes x y and z in the game" it may not. TCs are definitely ruled out as they change everything (or close to everything).