Escape Escaped Me

I finally Have it.

Back in 1998 I found a game that enthralled me, called Escape Velocity. I loved the game. That year my Macintosh computer died, and I bought a Compaq presario, with Windows OS. I forgot about the game after not playing it for years. I forgot the name of it and everything. And now after 7 years of searching I finally found it. I"m back, older now, (17) like I never stopped with a 7 year intermission. I picked up again and played again like I never left off. Hail Ambrosia and its great games. Just wanted to say hi to everyone on the boards and share my tale of Escape Velocities impact on my life. 😄

Welcome, Arthur. Drop by the BnB, too. 🙂

Check out EVO and EVN too.

I assume he has checked out EVN, as I think he's on a pc

nope haven't played it yet, been replaying EV for the last few days. Been using the Executor II to emulate it. I'll check out EV Nova soon though,

If you have $30 to spare, don't bother emulating it, just download Nova and register it. Then you can add EV classic as a plug, or rEVisited (a plug that enhances the graphics - i think). You can then also play EV Override as well.