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Are these 2 games the same?

Thank You to anybody who reads this and replys
Okay, a couple of years back I had a mac. I got it from my uncle and he gave me a bunch of cds to go with it. One of these cds had this extremely fun space trader game on it. What I remember:
When you started the game, you controlled a big slow cargo ship. You had to except interplanetary trade jobs to get credits. You had to slow down and dock (and when you docked, you were automatically refuled) on a planet and you had like 3 choices of missions (I think). You could take a trade job and leave. Now one thing I remember especially well was the hyperspace jump. In order to do this, you had to get a ways away from the planet and then press the 'h' (or maybe 'j' key). Now your ship would slow, turn to the right, turn back straight and then hyperspace jump to the next galaxy. I remember going through asteroid belts with no planets in them and being chased by pirates. I ran out of fuel one time and was able to contact another ship and they refueled me to hyperspace to the next galaxy. The more lasers you brought the faster more you shot and faster. I remember you could disable ships and then raid them for valuables (money, cargo, etc). Sometimes you were succesful other times the ship blew up and you got nothing. The last thing I remember was that you could buy a jump pod or something and when your ship was destroyed, you'd escape to some planet in it and have to start over with a cargo ship (happened to me a lot).

My mac broke and I cant play the game anymore or find out what it is. I have a pc now. Escape Velocity sounds similar, and I just want to know if the game I played was an older version of it. The one I played didn't have graphics as good as these, but they were still pretty good. The game was very fun. I'll buy Evo if it turns out to be the same game.

There are three EVs. You have Escape Velocity Classic, the original EV, which can be found here, you have EV Override, which can be found here, and, of course, you have EVN, which can be found here. Now, EVC was the first one, with 8-bit graphics, two main sides, and about 150 planets. EVO expands the galaxy, makes the graphics better, and adds some other stuff. EVN goes into 32-bit graphics, also expands the galaxy, and much more than would take forever to go into. At their roots, all three are basically the same, but with different storylines, options, and more they're also different. And don't buy EVO. Instead, buy EVN, and you can download EVC and EVO as plug-ins for EVN.

Hope that helps.


It sounds very much like you played EVC. There are a couple of differences, for example you start the game with a shuttle and you don't auto refuel when you dock straight away, you need to buy an outfit to do it. But it does sound very similar.

If that is the case, I'd echo Mack's suggestion. Don't buy EVO, buy EVN and use the plug ins that turn them into the older games.

Hope that helps!


Was it 2d or 3d?

If it was 3D, that sounds like Wing commader privateer

It is Escape Velocity. I think. What you're talking about sounds very similiar to a disk collection I have. It was called 'More Mac Cube.' One of the disks also had a demo of the first WarCraft. It was the first time I encountered either game series.


I had a copy of Mac Cube, so it must be EVC. I'd still suggest buying EVN and getting the other two as plugs.


Yea, I don't think I had Mac Cube, but I had a couple of other disks that were really similar, containing those games you mentioned...