Empire2 plug-in question

Just wanna know a few things about this plug-in (sequal to empire 1, EMpire 2 "dark horizons") What do I need to do to get the Weave missions, and where do they start? On one pilot, i've done all the LCA mission, floodmedtech missions, Merchant guild missions, griffin tech missions, and antinoda missions. I wanna know where I can go from there to get Weave missions, or if I have to start a new pilot. Thanx for any help ahead of time


Yeah, I've played E1 and loved it. So I downloaded E2, played a while, and couldn't figure out how to work for my beloved Weave! I'd like an answer to that question, too.

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Heres what I think and is most likely true.

In E1 you can choose either side. If you play for the Empire and help them succeed, play E2, where the Empire domintes the galaxy. There is no way to work for the weave (I think). If you are inclined to play for the weave and you helped them win in E1, play E3, where the weave is on top, and the Emipre is defeated.

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Hint... Go to Zarabrox. Brox were the orginal Weave members. Take it from an Empire fan and story writer. Hope this helps.

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Yup, thats it. ABout 10 minutes after making that post, I read the read-me for E3, and it mentioned in there how the weave, led by the brox, defeated the empire. So I figured i'd go to their homeworld and maybe that would be the start-off point. Surprised I didn't think to read-up earlier. Thanx for the help everyone.


Yep. Zarbroxx. (hint: do most of the mission string for the pirates first. You can still get the weave missions, plus you get the barrage turret and the plasma thingy. Both very kick-ass weapons)

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speaking of pirates, where do i find the second pirate mission? I've been checking evildrom every time i go there but cant find it.

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Yeah, I know, you can't make a new topic to ask this because you're not registered, but Dragoonian law requires me to post my diggin' image. 😛

Anyway, there is no Pirate string in DH that I know of. I haven't played for a while, though. I'm focusing on Tim's newest plug-in, Brotherhood of the Kestrel, which has yet to be released publicly. However, you can email Tim at islest@islandnet.net for any questions about his plug-ins.

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hmmm, i completed a mission called pirate faction recruitment (stolen goods to earth) so i figure theres more pirate missions, i just cant find the source to the next one.

There is a pirate string in E2 and as long as you don't Dominate any stellars for that string, you can go into the Weave missions with no problem. It is kinda nice to have a Weave ship with those nice Nuclear Rockets!

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