Display Issues.....:(

Welp, my display in EV has just started to act up. Untill recently, I haven't had any problems. Now all of a sudden everything looks really grainy. I didn't touch anything (on purpose, and I'm pretty sure I didn't by accident either). I have no idea why this is happening. I tried messing with some of the visual settings but I couldn't even get the thing to work in any other setting but the one I had it in...8-bit, 800x600. Any ideaas as to what might have caused this and how to resolve it?


All last night the friggen site wouldn't let me post...AARGH!!!

(ED) Oops...I lied 😛 it WAS is 8-bit...and all of a sudden it looks grainy as hell...it definately was NOT that grainy before. Where I notice it the most is in the pictures when you land on a planet. Before, those were pretty clear, and definately definable. Now it's still definable as to what it should be, but if I didn't know what I was looking at it'd be a garbled mess...


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Try setting it to 8-bit, because that's what EV uses.

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