Okay, in Re "Self-sealing" etc commodities...

...so what the heck Are "Stembolts" anyways? And why do they gradually vanish out of your hold when you have them on board?

"flat beans", mister Arrow...
um... "flat beans", sir?
Jump on "can", of course...
sigh Jumping now, sir... very funny, sir...
(excerpt from bridge voicelog, 0915, Apr.1, 2194)

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I have no idea what they really are, but here's a link from another board about it: (url="http://"http://www.obsidianfleet.net/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=49")LINK(/url)
As to why they gradually disappear, your guess is as good as mine.

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Maybe they decompose? In EVO caterpillars increase in number.

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Originally posted by Zax:
**Maybe they decompose? In EVO caterpillars increase in number.


Little things like that makes the game good.

When playing paintball. Hit someone in the same place for maximum pain.

The link said stembolts were used in Star Wars architecture. They seal themselves when put in place.

I am eager to try to ansver mission questions

I was under the impression that they may have been ofsetting damage to the hull or armor, but given this explanation, they may just be a 'profit item' for certain members of the crew... (appropriately, there aren't any places in EV1 to sell them at a profit...)

so we bought twenty tons, and we're down to two?
apparently, sir.
hmmm, I guess these things are ten to one...
ten to one, sir?
Yeah, they ten to one away by themselves...

Jinx Schultz, Cpt. DMS Gretchen (Dat's My Ship)