Astrodyne Outpost V mission help!

I'm playing "Empire" and have been given Astrodyne Outpost mission V. I found the ship carrying the weapon in Castor, but it is cloaked and is beyond "The Great Wall." When I got the mission nothing was said of it being cloaked, but as it is beyond "The Great Wall," I cannot get to it to board it! How can I fix this?
BTW: so far it's been a great plug! Lotsa cool ships/weapons. However, the alien battleships missions (over near Evildrome) was the toughest! Though, why Tim Isles "renamed" some of the systems (Pelagon became Pegalon, Yemuro became Yamara...) is beyond me.

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**been a great plug!
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If its a plug-in try contacting the people who made it for help.

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