A Second Helping- "Could This Be?"


Originally posted by Douglas Adams:
"... said Zaphod whose love affair with this ship had lasted almost three minutes into the flight."

Because I'm such a disorganized idiot, I've changed my screenname again.

Squirrels got boring all of a sudden.

The new sn is "Parodime-" I found the word somewhere, looked it up, fell in love with it and now I switched to it. This is my last post as Squirrel- Wow, I actually lasted through 37 this time? New record. 😉 Oh well, I'll most likely lose intrest in Parodime too, but this time I'll aim for 100 posts... I know its a stretch, folks, but I think we can make it. 😛

"A kind word will get you far, but when accompnied by a Tommy, it'll get you a lot farther." -Al Capone


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Don't bring Douglas Adams into this...that is an insult to Ursa Minor Beta

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted and then used against you

Good for you.

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