The Makeing of EV

I just found this in the escape velocity App in resedit:

"Matt Burch: I think we're shooting for a December release.
EEKMAN: December, gee that's a long way away.
AndrewWelc: Matt is going to lock himself in a room and get it done by October. 🙂
GoH Ghent: sounds good
EEKMAN: And not bath for 3 weeks?
Matt Burch: It's a toss-up...GPA or EV? Hmmm... 🙂
AndrewWelc: The game is mostly done --we just need to shake the bugs out, and build the world/missions/personalities, etc.
Matt Burch: I'd say the code is 95% done right now. The scenario design and testing come next.
AndrewWelc: BTW, I've disabled them and would KILL to be able to take over their ship. 🙂
Matt Burch: Just watch out when they scramble their fighter wings. 🙂
AndrewWelc: "Sir, should we scuttle the ship or take 'er over?"
Matt Burch: Andrew, you want to be able to take over disabled ships?
Matt Burch: Maybe I can do that...
AndrewWelc: Matt, definitely. Some of those big suckers you can't buy! They're so juicy!
Matt Burch: Well, first you have to explain how the crew of a Corvette could storm a cruiser...
AndrewWelc: Matt, it's a game, we don't have to explain everything! 🙂
Matt Burch: Oh yeah. :)"

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The story before EV:
I also found this in resedit:

"In the not-too-distant future
Last April A.D.
There was a guy named Matt
Who came up with the game EV

He worked for Ambrosia Software, Inc.
Run by a guy named Andrew, I think
They thought the new game was at its best
So they got a bunch of users and they put it to the test

We’ll send him lots of suggestions,
The most that can possibly be, (la-la-la)
He’ll have to sit and code them all
And keep his GPA above three. (la-la-la)

Now keep in mind Matt can’t control
When the beta time will end (la-la-la)
He’ll have to implement his code
With help from his Ambrosia friends

Ambrosia Roll Call!
Cajun! (“I’m the list god!”)
Andrew! (“Compatibility, dammit!”)
Hector! (“Hello”)
Gayle! (“Men are all pigs!”)

You’re wondering how he eats and sleeps
With things being that way (la-la-la)
Just repeat to yourself, “It’s just a game
I should really shut up and play!”

...with Escape Velocity Theatre

- MCB 4:35 A.M.

(with apologies to MST3K)"

"You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose. But you cant pick your friends nose."- Me

I know I've seen the first log before, although I forget where. The second (poem) one is accessed by pressing all the modifier keys and clicking the title screen image - it is an important part of the sequence to get the Forklift.

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Originally posted by Mazca:
I know I've seen the first log before, although I forget where.

It's some STR or STR# resource in the data files, I believe.

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Both texts are stored in the game as STR# resources, and both can be made to appear by clicking on the Escape Velocity logo while holding down different combinations of modifier keys.

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And both show that Andrew/Matt are not the immortal gods we thought they were... they too suffer from GPA and alcohol. :eek: <gasp> I've said too much! :eek:

Any other Stewart fans out there? 😛

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