Looking for list of Rebel Missions

Since successfully completing the EV "Switch Sides" mission, it's been a loooonnnggg time since I've been offered anything else besides gun running out of CLotho Prime. Does anyone know where I can find a list of the Rebel Missions?

Thank you.

I had always been under the impression that there were no more rebel missions, if you 'switched sides'.

However, I also am under the impression that the Lord of the Lemmings wrote a plug that fixed that. Don't have the url on me, but it shouldn't be hard to find.

And, of course, I could be wrong. It's late, dammit.

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...er... as in "Switch Sides" from the Confeds to the Rebels, I should've made that clearer.

After obtaining the Particle Beam (waste of time) and completing the Confed missions, I set out upon the task of getting the Rebels to trust me... I finally got the mission to attack a Confed convoy where, upon completion, I'm informed, "Welcome to the Rebellion."

But I've since been trading all over the Galaxy and, as I said, all I get is the same mission running Rebel munitions out of CLotho Prime.

the 5 astrodyne outpost missions are the last ones in the rebel mission strings. there's also a string, if i remember correctly, from sirgil starport or virgo maybe... i can't remember for sure off the top of my head.
d/l shemelta-v and backtrack through all the missions, but i think you completed 'em all. or d/l new horizons. if you don't know about that tc, it basically brings all the open-ness of EV to a close if that makes any sense to you.

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yes yes, I know what you meant. If you complete the 'Switch Sides' mission, you don't get any rebel missions afterwards. I don't know why--probably a bug. Or at least (as I said) that's my understanding of it.

Robin--the one out of Sirgil III is the alien string.

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If you complete the 'Switch Sides' mission, you don't get any rebel missions afterwards. I don't know why--probably a bug.

Well.. that sucks!! Thanks for your help. I guess it's time to start a new pilot file!


After doing the Rebel Alien missions, you should download Satori Station from the site in my signiture. It'll give you 17 more missions to keep you busy.

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Here is a list of all the Rebel missions I have ever done in the order in which I got them, without using any cheat plugs. Ahem.

  1. Transport Rebel Parcels Mission

  2. Assassination of Confed Senator Mission

  3. Evacuate Civillians Mission

  4. Rebel Interdiction (destroy confed convoy) Mission

  5. Rebel Defense Mission

  6. Cloaking Device Trilogy
    a. Go to Palshife and get Rebel Commando Team Mission
    b. Insert Rebel team onto Luna, then meet on Mars Mission (get cd)
    c. Take Rebel team to Levo to meet Rebel liason Mission

  7. Weapons Delivery Duology
    a. Pick up Rebel munitions on NGC-6564 and take them to Clotho Mission
    b. Transport Rebel munitions Mission (repeats indefinatly)

  8. Gun Running Mission (ambush confed convoy and steal cargo)

  9. The Great Alien Saga
    a. Investigate disapearances in Nexus, then go to Sirgil 3 Mission
    b. Lead Rebel patrol through Nexus and surrounding systems Mission
    c. Rescue Rebel spy from Barnard, then take him to Palshife Mission
    d. Go to Armstrong for Great War records, then back to Palshife Mission
    e. Locate Alien Fleet (in Tyrwin) and return to Palshife Mission
    f. Destroy Alien Cruiser (in Gamera) and returen to Palshife Mission
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  10. The Astrodyne Outpost Saga
    a. Pick up Rebel spy on Earth and return to Palshife Mission
    b. Take Rebel SEAL team to Port Oread Mission
    c. Pick up Confed scientist on Ruby and return to Port Oread Mission
    d. Get SEAL team to Astrodyne Outpost then back to Palshife Mission
    e. Pick up SEAL team on P-0805, then back to Palshife Mission
    f. Find Confed transport (in Castor), steal prototype, and return to Palshife Mission (get tractor beam)

About a year ago, I wrote down all of the "special" missions I did for my Gotham Skywalker pilot file. Lucky for you, huh? 🙂

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Outstanding! Thanks, Pikeman...


My pleasure. I knew that list would come in handy someday...

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I did the "Switch Sides" mission, and I still got all the Rebel missions that Pikeman had on his list. Hmm...

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The same with me. I got all the missions with no problem whatsoever. Try looking hard for the missions. They will catch up with you sooner or later. Pikeman, nice job with the list.

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The Switch Sides mission doesn't clear the mission bit that needs to be clear for the Rebel Parcel mission. To rectify this, go to EVDev.Net and download the "EV Edit" file (or just stick "http://evdev.damnsw.net/html/download.php?op=mydown&did;=31" into your address bar :)).

Run EV Edit, open up the missions and look at Switch Sides. On the right is a "Mission Completed" section. Change "Mission Bit 2" to 43 and set the radio button on the right to "Clear" and Save it. That should now mean that once you complete the Switch Sides mission you can continue with the Rebel Parcel mission. Unfortunately, if you've already cleared Switch Sides, you'll have to fiddle around with EV Edit to make Switch Sides replayable.

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