Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Etc.

How do I go about raising my character's strength, dexterity, etc.? I've tried everything and I cant seem to figure this out.



I had a nice long post with some spoiler info, but here's the short form: completing your quests is key to improving your character's ability levels. Drop me an email or a post with specifics about where you are in the game, and I might shed some more light on this. I'm currently about lvl 19, with about six to eight points total across my skills. Some due to quests, some due to luck.


The game can, randomly, give you skill potions in chests, holes and sacks. But i wouldn't try saving before a group of those and reloading if i didn't get any. I got nothing after hundreds of tries.
Certain Potions can be found in certain dungeons.
***There is a nice Vitality +3 Mushroom, too.
There's a shop somewhere that sells them.

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Do the Swamp quest as early as you can. The earlier you get your +2 vitality the more HPs you have for the Guardian at the end.

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What does added strength give you? Is there any point in getting a Claymore of the Bear (+3 to str.) I just found a potion of Strength which did not seem to do anything to my stats.

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Ooo once you get alot of strength, you will be one happy camper. Although I mabe over did it a bit..(123 Str.) it effects your weapon damage, I can do +103 damage added on to my regular weapon damage. This also effects your minimum hit too so you can do more damage overall.

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