Help! Lamp o' death

There is a lamp that you get at the end of clearing out a particular undead infested temple, that gives you +50 defense against undead. Unfortunately, shortly after I pick it up, the game always quits. This can be hastened by attempting to save the game immediately after picking up the lamp. It seems to be highly reproducible. I'll forward a saved game to anyone at AmbrosiaSW that wants one. Send me some e-mail.

Ian Ollmann

Ian Ollmann, Ph.D.

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I ran the game on 9.2.1 to see if I could get a StdLog for the crash, and lo and behold the crash went away! What is more, the game is a whole lot more fun on OS 9! For example there is sound. Who would have thought? Not only are there sound effects, but also ambient sounds like little birds (can I shoot them with my bow?) Also the graphics are a lot smoother and the levels take 1/4 the time to load. Do I walk faster? It seems like it.

Anyway, there is a post on mac-games-dev in the last week or two that talks about the Sound Manager dying on X if you dont service the event manager regularly with some call or another. I'm having trouble finding it at the moment as the search utils are down, but it is there. That might be the problem. My guess is that the music still plays because you used Quicktime and they have their own black magic going on to keep that alive.

Oh, one more thing. Consider using CFPreferences for the registration code stuff so I dont have to reregister when switching back and forth between OS's. Also, if you click the register button when first running an unregistered version of the game, strange things happen that probably ought not to.

Looking forward to 1.0.1!


Ian Ollmann, Ph.D.

Registered, OS 9.0.4
I don't have a solution, but I've reacted badly to this it too. Right after i picked it up, i equiped it, and i couldn't walk around. I saved, and had to force quit=>crashed. The mouse pointer moved but wouldn't click on anything. I can remove and reequip it anywhere. Oasamostexianu/Gwydion had what sounded like the same reaction too.

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I am experiencing the same problem as iano.