Type 2 error

I have an orig ibook with 288 megs of ram. i'm running 9.2.1
Since i was on the train and not in a position to register, and thus could not save and restart the game, i put the book to sleep. when i opened her back up, approx. 2 hours later, the game started up and ran for 30 secs or so then crashed with a 'type 2 error'.

if you need anymore info, let me know!

best regards


ps- i'll register tonight!


Actually, you can save (Command-S). Due to a bug, restarting a game is a bit trickier, but by double clicking on the save-game file while PoG is not running, you can play from that saved game.

Good luck!

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I would like to note (trying to be helpful) that a type 2 error is an address error. Hope that helps a bit.

If you really want to help and you have a reproducible crash, install MacsBug, reboot, play the game and reproduce the crash. When the debug window comes up, type "StdLog" Wait for the disk activity to stop, then type "es" to return to the Finder. Some crashes are so bad that "es" doesn't work, in which case you can (usually) type "rs" to restart instead. This process will save a crash log onto your desktop called StdLog. Send that on to your favorite game provider and he/she will have a much easier time locating the bug.

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I think the real issue with Coldstone and crashes may be the version of CarbonLib you have installed. Please download the latest version of CarbonLib here:


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