Registering & Saved Games

So I got the demo. Wow. Awesome. Great game. Played the demo obsessively for a while. Started to hit the edges of the demo map (gives you a notice about 'you should register, etc.) So i decided to download the full version. Did that, started it up, all working fine. Then i try to load a saved game: "You must register before exploring further". I'm not saying I'm upset that it didn't let me play, I'm just wondering if the demo game and the full version have different save formats for some odd reason. I know it's a stupid question, but i'd like to have my game saved where i left off when i register.


Andrew, aka....


I had precisely the same frustrating experience. This is a documented bug. The workaround is to double-click the file you wish to load. You'll be pleased to know that loads work normally once the game is registered. 🙂


Specifically, double-click the file you wish to load after quitting the app. Double-clicking the game file gives the same dialog ("Sorry, but you can't explore any further...") if the app is already running.

Incidentally, judging from my experience, the demo isn't involved at all. I downloaded the full version, saved a game right at the beginning, and encountered the error when trying to load it.