Ah, finally a good game for OS X!

I've been playing PoG for about 5 hours straight now.
The game seemed a bit too simplistic at first, but I gave it more time, and the game began to get addicting as I buy new equipment, level up, complete a few quests and get awesome rewards. Real time combat gives it a nice flow. Kind of reminds me of Zelda. The good old times of console gaming.

Anyway, theres one thing that frustrates me. I often find myself pressing the tab key all the time to check the map. I wish the map would show on the main screen, maybe on the upper right corner. That would really add to the flow and speed things up.

Combat just got AMAZINGLY fun when I got ahold of the Elven Bow of Destruction 🙂
I spent like 10 potions there, it must have been too early to fight them bloody foes.

Ugh, can't wait for the registration code to arrive 😄


(quote)Originally posted by volsung:
Ugh, can't wait for the registration code to arrive:)

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