Coming from a non-techie newbie

Alright great game(demo) but after a hour or two of playing and reading the manual I really haven't got anywhere. I'm looking for Manko but he is supposed to be in the west forest of the 1st city but there is no access. The commander asked me to find the lumberjacks a few miles beyond the Learning tree but the next area is off limits. Also where is that tower they keeping talking about? I know I am very shallow and overall dumb but I'm working on it. Also I tried getting the full version from ambrosia but the download manager said it would take 115hours after getting 456 kb in 20 mns. I canceled and downloaded the demo. Same ratio of results. finally I got the mirror off of and in 15mn I had the demo loaded. Whatever.

To rescue Manko: Stay in Fatrima and go west, search the whole river, there is a Northern bridge over it and a Southern bridge over, cross over either and go west. You should immediately get a dialogue when move into the next map.
"You hear a boy screaming in the distance"
To get to Gwyden Camp: Buy the game. No matter how hard I tried i couldn't get to Gwyden Camp either.(unregistered full version.)
Though you can get to the Learning Tree in the Full Version.
Have you thought about downloading the Full while everyone sleeps? Its convient for me and downloads might be faster at night.

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