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I was bored the other day and got EV off of my ambrosia cd just to play my old favorite just for kicks... I went online and got my favorite plugin, Final Battle. I have a carrier and just destroyed Stardock Alpha and other ships... I went to barnard where there was an Alien Mothership, and it told me to go to Zaxted to meet the guy.
Then he sent me to Earth to "help evacuate the fringe worlds" or something like that. Now all the planets that were confed or rebel are "Union."

Some of my escorts killed a bounty hunter who was after me, making all the union see me as an offender. I can't even bribe earth to let me land. Ive been flying around randomly trying to find pirates to kill, but they're so rare that it will take forever. Any suggestions?


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It depends on your version of FB. Please revise.

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The newest one, updated on the 18th of this month i believe... version 4 i think.


I have had a problem with Final Battle in about the same spot. It told me to go to the bar and when I went, wala! no mission there! It is realy strange since it hasn't even filled in the dot to show where I am on the map.

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I was up to the point where I had to get people off of a planet.. but I landed there on the right planet and nothing happened. Buggy plugin, i suppose. Anyways, I uninstalled and now im playing Galactic Scourge. Its a fun plug, but im having trouble finding any Rebel missions...


In FB 4.0, after planets start changing govts, misns start to break. Nearly all non-major misn strings are uncompletable after the Union govt is formed because they expect you to visit the non-union versions of the systems. For instance, the Artemis group missions become impossible to complete because they require you to visit the original Sirius station. The main FB story is not affected by this problem.

In the main story, a bug allows 2 Kathoon systems to be visible at once. They appear in the same spot on the map, one covering the other. It happens that you are required to visit the Kathoon that is covered for an evacuation misn, and you cannot use the map to select it. You must use the hyper select key ("/" or "") and watch the sequence of names carefully.

After you have figured out the above, FB is a fun plug.


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While we're on the Final Battle subject, I'd like to bring up that even the newest version has a few bugs. :frown: I must say EVula did a fantastic job on the plugin, but some of things (like Confederation missiles going right through ships instead of detonating) are getting annoying. Guess I'll have to find some way to fix that...

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ares1 have you tried to get the one at Sirgil station that says easy rebel mission that says go to mentos and destroy a fleet then land but the fleet is not there on GS? or is it just me? I want to get some of the new rebel ships....