cheat (not forklift)

heh, well I have been on some cheat sites (no flaming plz) and this cheat is 1 of the cheats I see:

Particle Beam of Death

When you are tired of being killed by bounty hunters or pirates,
fly and and on a planet that sells weapons for your ship. On some
planets, they will sell you a weapon that has no picture or ame. I
seems like they are rying to rip you off because you've no idea what
it is. Buy it. When you eave the planet go through your secondary list
and look for "Paritcle Beam." When you find it, target a ship and get
it on your big screen (not scanners), then use it. The "Particle Beam
of Death" is about as thick as a shuttle and locks on automatically.
This is as powerful as a forklift except on Confed Cruiser; to defeat
a Confed Cruiser with it just let it unload until it completely runs
out. The good thing is that it doesn't use any shields OR fuel to be
used. Unfortunately it still won't kill Captain Hector.

anyone have any knowledge of this cheat??? I have never seen a place were they try to sell me a weapon with no picture or ame

play planetarion? I have a column not just about planetarion @ (url="http://"")

Well, just yesterday I made a weapon quite similar to that in res edit + evedit. A death ray that kills anything instantaneously, I then proceeded to go out an Dominate the entire galaxy. (After lowering those crazy Sol and Ruby defense fleet numbers a bit) Now, it would make sense for them not to have a graphic because that would require them to do Graphics work, which, in my opinion is harder then res edit work. But yeah, that thing shouldnt be to hard to make so it wouldn't suprise me if it did work.

Apply When Wet

It's not true. You can quite easily make a plug that does that or edit the data files to do that however.

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