can't get to destination in first mafia mission in EOC

I can't get to my destination in the first Mafia mission in Empire of Crime. NGC-2143 is the closest to the red arrow, but there are no jump routes from there. The other systems that I thought could leat to it are NGCs-5528, 1357, 0805, and 0317. Those systems don't have any routes closer to the system either. How do I get there? Is there a but or som'n?

Go to the Escape Velocity Empire. (url="http://"") Post all your stuff and enjoy everyone else's.

Go past Evildrome (NGC-0595) and past Bordello (go down). Keep going, and after you pass Mafia Regional HQ, it should be somewhere near there. You are looking for Tyrant's Moon, or Tyrant, right?

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