Un-official Mirror

For anyone who's having problems getting PoG (just the demo, don't have the full yet) off of the web, I set up a quick-'n-dirty Carrach server to mirror it for some people. It can be found at:
(that should work, if it doens't, usually means the comptuer crashed. The server's registered to the hlsux.dhs.org tracker, so you can just do a search for "Pillars" and be able to find it)

I'll try to leave it up as long as I can, but no guarantees.
Plus, it can serve as a little chat room so you can talk to other PoG users.



Heh, looking back at the post, realized how many spelling mistakes I made last time. So...

(In case you didn't know what the heck Carracho was, it's a client for a Hotline-style network, except the software doesn't suck)

Also, you can find the server in most trackers, went through and registered it for a bunch of 'em, so just do a search for "Pillars" and you should be able to find it. If you need a list of Carracho trackers, just go to (url="http://"http://www.tracker-tracker.com")http://www.tracker-tracker.com(/url)