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I have a question/problem. Okay, for some reason, the plug-in only works if I play a saved game.
And when I'm doing the first mission on Levo, trying to foundate ( :)) the Darkstar planet. Well, the system above Nexus, it disappears!! I think this could be a GREAT plug-in, IF ONLY IT WORKED!!

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If only...

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It was so crappy that I didnt even bother with more than two or three of the missions. My Reasons for this? Simple; crappy ships, VERY crappy ships, and not enough of them. Plus it didnt work.

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Originally posted by The Space Between:
I think this could be a GREAT plug-in, IF ONLY IT WORKED!!

Unfortunately, this is the case with far too many plugins.

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I think the systems are predetermined as to which government they become when you colonize them. For example, I colonized Propus with the Martians, only to have it become a Terran system!

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