Galactic Scourge-Firebrand Juggernought

Galactic Scourge-Firebrand Juggernought:

Does anyone know when this comes out?! Please tell me how you get it! i have wated a long time for it to come but i don't know what to do! i am very impation

Ship Name: Diphidian Defense Team (DDT) "Firebrand" Juggernought

Estimated Cost: 80 million credits

Availability: New Diphidia, but only to trusted buyers.

Novelty: New.

Speed: 300
Accel: Average
Turn: Poor
Shields: 960
Armor: 200
Max Guns: 16
Max Turrets: 24
Space: 300
Cargo: 100
Fuel: 3 jumps
Mass: 4500
Crew: 7000

Standard Weapons:

8 Missile Launchers + 120 Missiles

24 Turreted Mass Drivers

4 DDT Fighter Bays + 24 DDT Fighters

1 Destroyer Dock + 1 DDT Destroyer

Notes: While still under development, when completed this will be one of the strongest ships ever built. Antisingularity technology and the power of 9 Rebel DN-1000 engines mounted via a network of pivoting Firebrand StrutsĂș has allowed unprecedented turning, speed, and acceleration for a ship which is as large as, and better armed than, most space stations. If you see one, run!

Jason Dworkin and Max Bernstein this is a great plug! Keep up the good work!

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