Can i actually become a full-time trader?

I was wondering if there was any way of actually being named a trader. Is there any missions or anyhing that make yo have a "traders status"?


no, but their may be a plug-in that alows it


I don't think that there's a plug for being a full time trader, besides you can't become a full time trader.


The status of "Trader" will have to be in your head, if you make most of your money off of the commodity exchange, then you can consider yourself a trader. But then again, in a plug, anything is possible...

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I'm sure someone can make a plug to become a actual trader but for now you can't be a full time trader. Sorry for the inconvience.



Originally posted by Cpt. Johnson:
**I was wondering if there was any way of actually being named a trader. Is there any missions or anyhing that make yo have a "traders status"?

No and no.

Besides, the really big payoffs come from combat missions.

EV (and its successors) do not provide a way for a player to actually join any government or group in the game, you always remain a sort of independent contractor for whoever you are employed by.

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for all practical purposes you can become as much of a trader as you can become a confed or a rebel, if not more. a trader is just someone who trades goods between different places, and you probably do this before running missions for the confeds or the rebels anyway. it is not possible to join any kind of trading guild to the exclusion of the rebellion or confederation, but you can run missions for starbound shipping, etc. you are not obligated to shoot anything or join a side in the galactic civil war -- youre perfectly welcome to spend the game running around and trading. for all practical purposes you would be a trader, but it would get boring eventualy. there is no real reason to amass huge quantities of money unless you are going to spend it on something and the only things to spend it on are powerful warships. hee hee 😉 😉

basicaly you usualy spend time as a trader until you can get enough money to buy a warship and become a mercenary. if you don't want to be a mercenary, there is no reason that you need to stop trading. you just might find that it becomes very tedious after a while. hee hee 😉 😉


Actually, there are a number of stock-EV governments you can work for, who ask you to run shipments to places.

Rebs/Feds -- Boring repetive missions, low pay.

ConEx -- Shady, annyoing, low pay.

Starbound Shipping -- Less shady, crappy pay, kinda boring, some combat missions.

United Galactic Express (UGE) -- The best of 'em all. Almost no combat missions, good pay, tight deadlines. Make sure to not do the mission that you get bribed to rip them off, though...


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It's a funny little hole in the game, though...

You buy gas when on a planet, but jeez, don't you ever buy lunch? 😄

You know, 10 creds here, 20 there, a 5-er over yonder, etc. et.c etc.


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It's a bit illogical that you never pay your crew their justly-deserved salaries. Bigger ships should have to pay larger amounts of money to keep the crew from mutinying.
In addition, if you control the ship's maneuvering, weapons firing, hyperspacing, refueling, and landing, what does the crew do? Swab decks? Cook the meals? Keep the uphostery neat? Make beds? Polish their weapons for boarding?
It's an unfixable problem: if, on one hand, you didn't control all that stuff, you just yelled out orders, the game would be extremely dull, and without that element of "total control." On the other hand, since you control everything, the only useful purpose the
crew serves is to increase your chances of capturing ships.

As for the trader missions, they are impossible. Traders are unorganized: they don't operate like a big company or government. Each one works for him/herself, paying no thought to the welfare of others. It's a dog-eat-dog world: traders need to spend more money on their own survival and profits than those of others. There isn't even a traders union/guild, although in my upcoming (I.E.: to be released at approximately the same time the sun becomes a frozen ball of hydrogen the size of a ping-pong ball) plugin.

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You do shout out orders. You give commands to fire when you hit space bar (unless you are in a one-seater-then you really do fire). You crew allots energy to the weapons and fuel to engines and weapons. They reload the torp and missile launchers as well as the heavier munitions. They load/unload the ship with what you buy. They fire the missiles after your command (otherwise you would see you shots coming in at odd times). They steer your ship and clean. They also maintain. You are the commander of the ship. The credit thing bothers me and I found myself thinking the same thing. How do they eat? When does crew get paid? All that other stuff too. Also, shouldn't you be able to buy a ship stocked with things other than normals? Like a rapier with the rocket launcher scrapped for an engine upgrade and a few shield upgrades too?


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i had thots like that to , but you guys are puttingt to much though into this. why would you want to bother with things like salaries and washroom brakes. arent you happy with just flying around, doing missons, betraying goverments and smashing pirate scum all over the univerce.

if it dosent doesn't
squiel its not worth


Originally posted by Cpt. Johnson:
**I was wondering if there was any way of actually being named a trader. Is there any missions or anyhing that make yo have a "traders status"?


Merchant World 3 is a plug written for people who prefer to trade and explore. It galaxy is
an excellent plug with interesting extended systems.


Haven't you ever read the 2nd intro? It says at the end "just repeat to your self it's just a game I should really shut up and play."

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yes you can become a full-time trader, and no there is no way to have a trader status. unless you use a plug-in. i think that is boring though, i like the action in the game. the action is the best part.


Sure its possible, but it would get dull. EV and EVO contain different trade routes that will make your fortunes. I've discovered similar medical routes in each. In EV, the Levo-Spica medical combination allows you to ship out medical goods (med) and aim for (high) or even (higher). Along your route, metal is traded as well. By it cheap at Spica and sell it along the way. In this fashion, i've been successful with a shuttle.

Then you come across the paradox of what to do with your money. The most expensive trader is the Argosy, and the most extensive is the Bulk Freighter. You then have the question of Domination of planets, or just domination of trade.



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