Advanced:What are lightmaps? How do I use them?

Lightmaps are PICTs that Ferazel's Wand uses to give portions of your level custom, unique lighting. They are created in the same fashion as in pixmaps, except you should use 256 colors when creating them. Paint your level is varying levels of grayscale, with black representing pitch black (literally so, if you play a level lighted that way) to daylight (outside light).

Once you're done, paste it into MASCOT using "Paste PICT as Lightmap" in the Edit menu. You may need to do trial-and-erroring to get good results.

I've tried using lightmaps...but they never seem to work. It doesn't seem to yield much of a difference between white and black...and yes I've fidled around with the info fields.

Can Lightmaps be used to highlight certain parts of the map? Say I set almost all my map at dark and then a portion of the map to be white...will this give it a halo effect?

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Yes. When you do this, make sure that there is some blending in your lightmap (black -> grey -> white, rather than black -> white). Doing a big jump from one shade to another will be painfully obvious.

Since you claim you're not having much luck with lightmaps, try this. Make one half of the level pitch black, and the other full brightness or somewhat less. Take note of the border's position. Paste it in MASCOT, and give it a spin. if that doesn't work, I'll take a look at your level.

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