Bounty Hunters

Hey, Could someone tell me why bounty hunters are after me? I was playing for a while then bounty hunters came here and there tryin to kill me. Does anyone know why?



well you took over a planet and the planet hired them to kill you


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Bounty Hunters show up when you are claiming tribute from a planet. They are hired by the planet that you are plundering to kill you, thus freeing them. The only way to get rid of them is to release your grasp of the planet, either that or turn your ship into a real killing machine! If you aren't collecting tribute from a planet, then I don't know why bounty hunters are after you.

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After a small while, the planet gives up. Of course, if you dominate tons of planets, it will be some time before you can breath that sigh of relief.


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If you are really powerful (i.e. by having an upgraded Corvette, Kestrel, Rebel Destroyer and so forth), then you wouldn't want them to go away since six of them can be pretty valuable escorts...

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Have you accepted a Mission? Starbound Expre. or so? On some Missions there are Bounty Hunters after you to stopp you from reaching your destination or delivering your cargo.


Then again, are you using any plug-ins?

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i took over almost all the planets, bounty hunters have been hounding me without a stop.
how i fixed that problem? i got 7(with my own :)) rebel cruisers and now i dont even get a chance to fire at the hunter. hes destroyed before i can even lock on to him.

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