Rebel Missions

Where can I find Rebel missions to get the Desrtoryer, Crusier, Cloaking Device stuff like that?



you can find them on any rebel planet, but your reputation has to be fairly high. a good way to increase your reputation is to hire some freighters and kill the pirates that come after them.

also note that you'll have to complete the rebel initiation missions betfore you can fly the cloaking device missions, and complete those before you will receive the missions that grant you the cruiser and destroyer. hee hee 😉 😉


What Asmodeathur said. Get the frieghters and destroy the pirates that follow. But why go through the drab existance of having to pay the ships and pay for cargo? I went to the Polaris system and, after several tries, captured a Bulk freighter. NEVER DESTROY THEM!! This kills your rep and you will not be able to land on Northstar. Destroy the pirates which come after you (trust me, they will) and disable other freighters. Steal their cargoes and try to take the ships. DON'T DO THIS WHEN FRIGATES OR CRUISERS ARE AROUND!! That is asking for a quick death. Be sure to hit "V" to make sure your freighters don't start to attack the pirates or your trget. What you could end up with is a mess with either a destroyed target or a destroyed ally. The only thing you can steal that is not sold at Northstar is equiptment. So, if the ship has equiptment, leave it be and go on to next one (after attempting to steal it). Don't worry about triggering the self destruct. It will slightly damage your ship if you are too close but will not count against you on planetary rating.


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The rebel initiation mission is a courier mission that you pick up in a bar on an independent planet (doesn't matter which one; as long as it has a bar, I got my rebel courier mission from New Scotlund in Propus). That starts it all off. Also look out for the gun running mission, where you have to pick up a weap(ons cache from the uninhabited system next to ruby, special ops mission, the astrodyne outpost mission, and, of course, the alien string. The special ops mission you'll find when you have good combat ratings, and you're a general nice guy in rebel space, and you will get it from a system near satori, more often than not persephone. Gun running is from independents, like Yemuro, Astrodyne Outpost starts at palshife and the Alien string starts exclusively from Sirgil. Got that? Also, try the diphidia mission string if you're doing it for the rebellion. If you want pirates, then just stick in the Darven system - that way, if things get too hot, you can just land, then take off again. Easy, huh?
Remember, for all the missions you'll want at least a Corvette (preferably mildly upgraded), but no doubt someone will come along and say that they did it in an argosy, or a defender, and it's true. I've done it in an argosy before, but having a corvette makes it easier.
Good hunting.