Looking For 3 Spare Ships

First, thanks to all those who responded to my recent thread "Desperately Seeking..." , where I had been trying to contact the makers of an older EV plug called "Omega Faction 1.0", released back in 1996 by a team called Dark Horse Software. It is now obvious that this team no longer exists.

Therefore, I am curious as to whether any developer out here has any spare ship sprites that they either no longer want or ended up not using? The reasons I ask is that (1) my older Performa 580cd lacks the computing power to run any of the ship-making application programs and (2) "free ship" sites, which I therefore heavily depend on, are either shutting down or stagnant.

I am interested in acquiring three unwanted ships:

- drawn from the standard EV 'top down' perspective;
- ideally with a similar livery or colour scheme (they are for a particular faction);
- preferably medium to large size (ie, light cruiser to dreadnought)

If anyone can offer any assistance or contacts it would be very much appreciated and in that respect I thank the webboard membership in advance.

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While I can't offer you any ships, I can suggest that you post this on the Developer's forum as well. Odds are the people who frequent that forum would know more shipyards and more people.

Which I just noticed that you did while I was typing this... Oh well.
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  1. Tim, you should of put this topic in EV Developers Corner.

  2. I'll have to agree with forge.


Try one of the (url="http://"http://www.evula.com/links/shipyard.html")Shipyards.(/url) They might have something you could use, even if it is for public use.


some plugs let you use the graphics from them in your plugs (for instance, final battle). make sure you can, though, before you take any.

if you have some ships that look good but have the wrong coloration (like they were intended as rebel ships but you want them yellow instead or something) and you dont have photoshop get graphicconverter you can get it from download.com or versiontracker.com.

graphicconverter is shareware and has an effect filter (in the effects menu) entitled 'color rotation by 15 degrees clockwise'. what this will do is rotate all the colors 15 degrees around the color wheel. because most ships are white or grey (and thus have low saturation) the color of the ship itself wont change but the color of any saturated highlights (like the red of rebel ships) will shift around. continue selecting this option until you have shifted the color around to the desired hue

the only problem is if there are colors on the ship with significant saturation like a blue cockpit. youll have to specificaly replace these parts with parts from the original ship, or manualy edit the color table instead of rotating it (graphicconverter can do this also)