I've been noticing a lot of new people on these boards

Welcome! 🙂

The Mac Gaming Bboard:

Thank you, I came here because I was playing Escape Velocity when I said to myself "What ever happened to Ambrosia Software?" I went to this website and I was amazed! This site is so awesome! I also discovered EV: Override, I had totally missed it! I downloaded it, registered it, and now I return here to talk about EV and EVO and check up on Nova's development.

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Hey! Another canadian! Oh well, be sure to check out my EV site in my sig ;). It has advice, stories, discussion boards and much more. Perfect to help you if you have any trouble!

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Thanks Jude. I actually used to read these boards all the time. I used to think there was no point in becoming a member cause I didn't feel there was anything I could contribute, like everything that could be said had been said. One day I registered for the hell of it and here I am... another face in the crowd... well, at least there IS a crowd at these boards, unlike the marathon.org forums...

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**Welcome!;) 😉