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I am interested in creating ship plugins for EV. I have res-edit, Ev Edit, and the EV Bible, but i don't know what else i need. I also need a good graphics program. Does anybody know a good one i can download? I have an imac.


If you wanna create ships, use ShipWrite or The Docks. 2 very good, very similar programs.

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Originally posted by BattleDoctor:
**If you wanna create ships, use ShipWrite or The Docks. 2 very good, very similar programs.

I think he was asking about graphic programme. Well if you have money and time, you can buy Infini-D. Preaty nice 3D programme for making ships, a lot off guys use it here. Or if you don't have money but have time you can dowload Strata for free and may be Pixels 3D (I don't know-are they still give it away?) And besides 3d soft you'll probably need some 2D graphic programmes for the final touches on your ships. I use Photoshop, but it's expensive, so you can get Photoshop LE or anything else you think you can afford or have time to learn.


Ship Graphics: Infini-D and Lightwave would probably be the tops for it. With PS for the final touches of course. You could also use POV-Ray if you really wanted to.

Landing Graphics: Bryce

Planets: You can do this in Mechanisto if you just want some basic spherical planets. You could also do this in other graphics programs.

Outfits and such: Lightwave would be my choice.

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Yeah, Bryce is best for the landing pics. I tried using a 2D painting program at first, and found that EV/O fans want the landing pics in plug-ins to have the same look as the ones in the games.

If you are a student or teacher, you may want to check into educational discounts which can save you a lot. Check out or one of the other student software places.

As for ships, outfits, etc: You can get a free version of Strata 3D at (I think): (url="http://"")
You may want to transfer the stuff you make there into another program to add good textures (like Bryce) or effects (like Photoshop, Canvas, or Painter), but I've seen good ships made with just Strata 3D. Check out the EV Image Gallery.

Also, you should probably read the EV Plug-in Developer FAQs forum and the EV Developer's Forum.
Good luck.

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