There were recently a pair of inquiries regarding mission availability for my EV plug-ins EMPIRE 2: DARK HORIZONS and EMPIRE 3: ENDGAME. I've answered to the webboard members privately via their emails, but should anyone else get confused the following should help:

EMPIRE 2. There are EIGHT ways to play E2 and this list gives the location of each of the introductory missions.

Faction Planet Rating Legal Status Probability

New Cydonia New Cydonia Above Av Decent Indiv. 40%
Guild anywhere n/a n/a 8%
Guild (next) Trader's Outpost Above Av n/a 40%
Flood Medical New Istanbul Above Av Decent Indiv. 30%
Griffin Tech Griffin Freeport Above Av n/a 30%
Atinoda Atinoda Station Above Av Decent Indiv. 30%
Pirates any pirate world Above Av n/a 30%
Weave Zarbroxx Competent n/a 50%
Empire Harrison Starport Competent n/a 40%

EMPIRE 3 mission locator

There are three different ways to play. For The Weave, the intro mission is from any Weave controlled world; for The Scavengers, from any non-Scav world and for the Sauridians from any non-Sauridian holding. In each case, to get the introductory mission you will need a Fair combat rating and a Decent Individual status; your chances are 8%. Future missions from The Weave are from Weave Command, for the Scavengers from either Scrap'arn Starport or Draco Command, and for the Sauridians from New Sauridia... unless directed elsewhere by the mission text. For both the Lethe-Cydonia Alliance and the Russian Consortium, you must join up with The Weave. You cannot play for all three factions at once as certain planets and systems will change hands as the game progresses.

Both plugs offer troubleshooting docs in their support documentation which provide just about every detail you might want.

I hope this proves to be of some use, and thank all for your interest in my plug-ins.

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Thank's Tim. It should help many people who ask questions that divert the time of those who feel commited to respond. Good plugs, too.

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Hmmm, I cannot help but notice certain references to myself. Thanks a lot, Tim, that information is usefull. I would also like to compliment you on a great trio of plugs which have kept me busy for a little while now. They are really fun, well done plugs with good graphics and missions. And Whitehawk, I assume you meant I was diverting your attention because you felt obligated to answer. I apologize for making you feel this way, But I didn't hold a gun to your head. Just remember that. I didn't post 67 posts entitled "SOMEONE PLEASE RESPOND" or something, just a simple request for information. Contempt isn't something to be thrown around as if meaningless. And if you weren't reffering to me, then I apologize again for making an assumption about you.

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Regarding EMPIRE -
I've recently bought a Neutron Cruiser on Luna. The description says that it carries a beam weapon, among other goodies. However, once I take off from Luna, I checked my ship for weapons, and there is no such weapon! Possible bug?

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