need help with ClaviusandBeyond

I believe I have finally reached the end of Clavius and Beyond--my last mission was entitled "Neutronic Power Rules Galaxy," and I have successfully destroyed every Clavius reinforcement I could find in NGC-6762. Unfortunately, when I "land on Clavius to meet (my) destiny," nothing special happens and my mission remains active on the mission control panel.

Is there a solution for my problem and, thus, an end to my obsession?


Probably a bug or something wrong with it. Sometimes missions do that to me to. All I can tell you is?


There is a conclusion (and some cash!) that is being denied to you. This never happened to me with that plug, but has with one or two others. Maybe you need to take a step backward and try it again. If you're willing, here's how:

1: Make a copy of your pilot file and stash it, just in case.

2: Use the ClaviusCleaner 3.3 plug that came along with your download. Perform mission "* Clavius Cleaner: 202 & 150." That will clear mission bit 202, which should make the mission "Neutronic Power Rules Galaxy" available to you once more. (You'll have to go back to Palshife to get the mission, just as before.)

3: Destroy the Clavius foemen, just as before. Then try landing on Clavius. Perhaps the second time will be the charm.

I wish I had a more direct solution in hand. Perhaps someone will suggest one. In the meantime, good luck.

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No PlanetPhil 3rd time is the lucky charm. But I know what you mean.

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