Best of Escape Velocity posts

Hey folks -- I created an archive for the Escape Velocity web boards. Noteworthy posts that haven't been posted to in some time (well over 3 months) will be archived there for your reading pleasure. You can access the archives from the popup menu that appears at the bottom of web board pages, or you can hit this link:

(url="http://";=A%3A000001&SUBMIT;=Go")Best of Escape Velocity posts(/url)

The forum moderators will immortalize other posts there from time to time; it's meant to be a quick and easy place to read some old, worthwhile posts you may have missed, or to get your dose of nostalgia. Enjoy! 🙂

If you find any old threads that you feel deserve being archived, perhaps post the URL to them in this topic, to give the moderators a chance to look the post over and decide if they wish to archive it or not (please don't go back and post in the old threads for no reason, just to bring them up to top, though).

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That's kinda cool.I hope some more ones get up soon.I vote for the Resistance thread on the BB board when it is finished.

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Nobody may ever see this, but the Confed -vs- Rebel in the archives is incredible. I am currently printing all 10 pages for further study. I never knew there was so much debate on the subject.
To all of you who worked on the confed/rebel topic, my congratulations
...but will the subject ever find rest in its dark walk through the ambrosia pages?...

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