1 of theese 8 ships pleese vote for 1

rebel cruiser:
fed. cruiser:2
😄 😄 😄 😄 😄


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for trading I vote for the scoutship


(I don't know what type of argument that is, I just found it funny.

Rebel Cruiser. Once bulked up, it can take out just about any ship out there...including the Confed Cruiser.


Confed Cruiser is my preference. All upgrades, 4 proton turrets, 2 torp launchers, and max torps, and missile jammer means death for any ship, of course, me in a kestrel is the same thing, or an argosy.

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Confad cruiser all speed and engine upgrades shield upgrades and maxed proton and turrets and guns and nuetron blaster, missile jammer full armor. is da best

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Confed Cruiser. Once it's beefed up, it can take out any ship in the EV galaxy.

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The Raiper, once it's beefed up, it can take out any ship in the EV galaxy. Get my drift yet?

I like the Kestrel because once I get it customized, I can fight, literally, for an indefinite amount of time against any number and type of ship. The specs allow you to retreat and maneuver like a fighter, but you can make head-on attacks like a capital ship. The fighters help you when you need a little extra firepower to take out a bigger ship. Once you hone your tactics with this ship, you can take out anything.

can any post a mass driver turrent plug



Originally posted by sargeras2000:
**can any post a mass driver turrent plug


Hmm, whats a turrent? I think you mean turret. 😄

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The best I believe is the rebel crusier. Using your tractor beam you can easily dispatch any enemy fighters. Then launch you mantas and attack with your primary weapons. I love the recharge rate on this ship but I think the best thing about it is the speed at which you can launch your fighters. That is what I think really sets it apart from ther other ships.

Why are there no maroon ships?

I vote for the kestrel because once heavily modified (3 Photon Turrets, Some front iring lasers, Tritanium, all the sensor upgrades, speed upgrades, and sheild upgrades) you could take on Rebel Destroyers and Confed Frigates. 😄 😄 😄

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andthing that costs more than an argosy (cept the lightning) can take on any other ship


Rebel cruiser w/ 3 Proton turrets, 4 Mass Drivers, and 3 Proton cannons. All speed upgrades and the shield recharger. It can take on any ship in the galaxy, even the alien fighter with it's shield regeneration rate. 🙂

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stop posting these stupid questions and figure it out for yourself.

Kestrel: piece of ****
Deefender: piece of ****, no space for weapons
Hawk: see above
Corvette: definitely the best. Lots of weapons space, fast, maneuverable, and low frontal surface area makes it great for combat
Bulk freighter: its a big piece of ****
Reb 😄 best cruiser, but its a little slow and so big you can't miss it with a turret.
Fed 😄 so slow its a sitting duck. piece of ****.
Scoutship: A lightning or a rapier is better than a scoutship in every possible aspect except cargo space and frontal surface area. Great ship for the price, but crap compared to a corvette.


The best ship is the Rapier. I have (literally) taken out Confed cruisers with a rapier. The best part about it is that it has lots of space for weaponry, with great maneuverability, especially if you get the upgrades.

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Rebel Cruiser wins any day of the week. No other ship can beat it when bulked up a bit. It's kick'ass, even killing off confed cruisers easily. But then again, a bulked up Kestrel can too...


Confed cruiser 'cos even without upgrades it can take on any ship in the galaxy.
With upgrades it is invincible!!!! 😄


actually, i havent tried it yet...but i bet that a shuttlecraft (modified ofcourse) could disable and destroy any ship in the galaxy.

the point here is, how much time it takes t destroy your opponent

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