You know whats freaky about the fed AC mission?...........

The escort they give you, when u hail it says it's alighed with the rebles. and even more freaky it doesn't attack Fed ships.

another simular thing is when theres a escort carrier that u incounter when your not on a mission relating to it in any way and it releses mantas, the mantas don't say they are rebel on the little green disighn screen to the right.


well... I didnt know i had an escort when i accepted the fed AC mission.
And the escort carrier doesnt say anything about REBELS (indepent???)
Puhuuks kukaan suomea?


Is this a repost, or is this it's first reply?

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Second interesting factoid...I was recently quite bored, playing EV after I'd beat it again...for the tenth or so I got the forklift, and was running around. Lo and behold, I run into an escort carrier. Here's the hit from a forklift will disable a escort carrier in one hit. Board it, and what do you find in terms of munitions? Four Manta fighters. Take these to Palshife and sell them for a pretty you can tell, I was REALLY bored. πŸ™‚

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When you do the Rebel A.C mission, you get two Rebel Cruisers as escorts. When you hail them, it says that they're Confed Cruisers!


hehehehe...I know why... πŸ™‚

But I'll make you all figure that out πŸ™‚

hint: use ResEdit to look at gΓΆvt enemies/allies

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Also when you get a fed mission to eliminate a defecting Frigate and hail it it says it is a "Alien Frigate"

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Well, it is evil is it not? Or maybe they got bored and wanted to spice up your life? Any way it acts like a Confed, evil... :rolleyes:

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