Plug-Ins & The Decline of the American Empire

A few things to mention on the "Rebels Vs. Confeds" thread:

Firstly, I wanted to mention a plug, "Inherent Governemnt" , I released a couple of years ago. It allowed you to fly a rebel ship in confed space without being attacked, and vice versa. This is all it did, and conflicts with other plugs where basically nill. For some reason, when the web people made the switch to the new format, they deleted all the text that accompanied the plug. I don't know too much about this Wyvern guy, or his plug, but considering the debate, I thought a mention of IG was appropriate.

As for the speculation on the outcome of the war, from what I have read it seems as though no one had made any kind of real life parralel. The Confederation Empire bears a casual resemblance to the American one. The American War Machine has been destroying rebels and rebel causes for over 50 years, without any serious opposition. It takes more than a good cause and some small arms to destroy an army of this size, and the same goes for the EV empire. The problem, as in real life, lies with the citizens of the empire. As long as the confed citizens are kept happy (or distracted with meaningless video games :)), very little will change. The funding for the confed warships comes directly from the people, just as in real life. Unless there is some major changes in the way confederation citizens view the war, the rebels don't have a hope in hell.

Also, in light of the lukewarm reception EVEnabler 2.0 received on the board here, I've decided not to bother. Sorry to the couple of guys who were looking forward to it. And is it just me, or is that plug-in "Extra Ships" almost an exact duplicate of the old Enabler? I haven't taken a good look at it, so maybe it is significantly better and/or different than mine, but I'm not sure. Is there anybody whose tried them both?


The site had a scripting error, that's what caused the problem with descriptions. There's no such thing as the American Empire, that's crap. I haven't played either of those plugs.

Thank God, I was hoping someone would mention Inherent Government (and who better to do it than the creator?). To answer your question, Extra Ships is a decent plug. Lets you purchase stuff like the Rebel carrier-freighter. Not bad, but nothing out of the ordinary or extra. And I very much agree with what you said; without the support of the average citizen that out numbers the rest (whether complacent support or not), any sort of rebellion is doomed to fail.