Aquaria on App Store?

I was wondering if Aquaria will be coming to The App Store? I'd think it would be a great success if it was available for purchase there.

Hello Snatcher, welcome to the boards 🙂

Aquaria for PC is already available on Steam.

You'd probably get better success talking to Bit-Blot, the creators of the game, since they choose which distribution systems Aquaria is released on. Ambrosia is one such venue, publishing the Mac version of the game for Bit-Blot.

That being said, the App Store takes quite a chunk out of your wallet if you don't sell a lot of copies. But it's a nice idea 😉

Thanks for the info. 🙂 I didn't realize apple takes part of the profits (but not surprised.) haha. Still it would be nice to see it there.

unfortunately, apple will not put anything on the app store that is open source, as the license clashes with their own license.

here is a more in depth explanation:

That wouldn’t actually be an issue: since Bit Blot are the sole copyright owners, the fact that they’ve made Aquaria available under the GPL doesn’t prevent them from offering it to Apple under a different licence. (The people who wrote your article appear to have done the same thing with their iPhone application.)

They would be bound by the terms of the GPL only if they had incorporated other people’s GPL code into the programme, which would equally have prevented their initial closed-source distribution under their own name and through Ambrosia.

Assuming that the Macintosh App Store even has the same issues as the iPhone version (which I’m not sure is the case), all that this would prevent is someone other than Bit Blot trying to put the open-source version of Aquaria into the Apple store.

Aquaria for Mac hasn't made it to the App store or Steam yet, but you can get it via Mac Games Arcade, a similar digital download application.