Has anyone seen me???

I'm a little lsot graphic and I don't know where I came from. If you have ever seen me before, tell Dinoman.

"Mr. Lennier, take us into the fire"
-Cpt. John Sheridan, Battle of Coriana 6

And what does this graphic look like?

I beat ya!!!

It might help if we could access the link. I got this error message:


Host: <ip address and identification stuff was here>

You do not have permission to access (url="http://"http://thedawning.8m.com/images/egheavyfighter.jpg")http://thedawning.8m...eavyfighter.jpg(/url)

Data files must be stored on the same site they are linked from.

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Bah, c'mon guys, it doesn't take that much extra work to remove the "/egheavyfighter.jpg", look at the images directory, and click on the link to the graphic. 😛
As for the graphic itself, it looks like it was from a really cool shipyard whose name escapes me right now. Dammit, this is pissing me off; I won a ship from them and everything. Well, hopefully I'll remember later. Sorry I couldn't be more help.


jag Werks, right? They're not active anymore, unfortunately. I just checked their homepage.

Strange to see how this board has developed - sort of backwards - since my.. 'demise' roughly a year and half ago. Great to see it's still alive though. Anyone left of the oldies from '96?

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Yeah, jag werks, that was it. I knew it started with a 'j'...


Reg is still around, and he's that ancient, and Jericon is also around, I'm not sure if he was 96 or 97...either way.

Mmmm, JagWerks. They made a ton of images for my would be plug..really cool ones too.

Oh well.



CS long time no see 🙂

Oh my god! They killed Kenny... YOU BASTARDS!!!