Aquaria help

New gamer is stuck

I am new to gaming and have gotten to the end of all the blocked passages in Aquaria...I have some food and 1 song, but don't know how to use the food (does it help unblock passage ways if used properly?) and I have exhausted all i can find to a novice, I don't even know the right questions to ask for help and the help file seems pretty sketchy...

I'd love to learn how to move on the other levels and use the food I have and how to discover new songs, but I'm stuck...

any and all help will be most appreciated...thanks, carrie

I think the best thing to tell you is to just keep exploring.

The game play just unfolds in front of you as you continue on. It's not that taxing, and you will have to learn to do that in order to play the full game and to win it.