Missing 3rd plate

I had 3 plates, now I don't.

At one point early on in the game I earned a 3rd plate.
For some reason, it isn't there anymore. I think it happened around the time I went from "demo" to "purchased".

Energy, Beast, Nature & Fish.
I have 3 pets & Li makes a good pet too. hehee.
I know how to pick up rocks and other objects.
I can sing the theme song and I've lead the ghost boy and the flower girl downwards, but did not finish beating that boss yet.

It was suggested by the support team that I go back to all the original areas - so I did, but didn't manage to get my 3rd "plate" while there.
One interesting thing...

I went back to Li's Cave, went up into the right corner where he has his "tent", and when I click on anything in that area the "Cooking" screen comes up, and... there is a 3rd plate!!!! But only when I'm there! When I leave I'm back to 2 plates.

Is this correct??? Doesn't seem so, I'm sure I had 3 plates early on in the game - and then it went away somehow.

Please help, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to finish if I can't make all the cool recipes. Besides, it's just fun being able to "cook up" different spells etc.

Thanks in advance

- Peter

Yeah, in the kitchen at your home, Li's kitchen, and a kitchen in the ruins you'll be able to make stuff using three ingredients. This is normal behaviour; you have to be at a kitchen in order to combine three ingredients at once, otherwise you'll only be able to combine two at once.

There is a puzzle that you can complete that'll give you the ability to use three ingredients at once anywhere you go... 😉

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Interestingly enough, you don't need the third cooking slot to win. Admittedly it's helpful, but I never cooked anything that needed three slots to make. Odd.