Updated EV Webpage

Oops, I almost forgot...

For those interested, I recently finished a complete update (and a bit of a makeover) to my "Empire Trilogy" homepage. It has download links and updater bug fixes for each of the Trilogy plugs (Empire, E2, E3), future instalments, an FAQ and even a "reviews" section for anyone who would like to contribute.

(Oh, and a special public 'thank-you' to Jeremy "White Shadow" Woodruff for helping me get started on this site, as my knowledge of the web back in those days was essentially nonexistent!)

If you're curious, head to (url="http://"http://www.geocities.com/empire_trilogy")http://www.geocities.../empire_trilogy(/url).

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you better use (url="http://"http://www.geocities.com/empire_trilogy")this link(/url)

Captain Orne