Aquaria Soundtrack Now Available

As if from a dream I awoke, and realized that I had a CD out...

To those that have played Aquaria, you know that it's not just one of the most visually stunning games that has come out for the Mac, but also it's music is nearly as epic as it's looks.

That's why it's great to let the folks know that an Aquaria Soundtrack is Now available!

The set comes in an amazingly designed package that was designed by the game developer Alec Holowka, Derek Yu and Katie De Sousa. It features 2 discs with full color labels, an eight page booklet featuring new art and lyrics, and an eight panel poster featuring visuals from the game, notes on composing the tracks, score snippets and more. There will be a few purchase options, including having your poster signed by the developer/artists.

You can get your copy here:

Here is a sample:
MP3 Download --> Fear the Dark Preview (0:42)

That's pretty awesome. I really liked Aquaria's soundtrack.



I ordered my copy a few days ago. Hopefully it will get here soon.

Let us know what you think about it and the package design!

Alright. Copy is here.

The entire thing is very high quality. I only ordered the cheap version so I didn't get the extras came with the signed version. But what I did get is all very pretty. The picture of Naija on the front is beautiful. That picture is also the front of a small six page booklet that has the lyrics to Lost to the Waves and the new song Fear the Dark. Inside the booklet are also three two page spread background images of Aquaria artwork which are nice. The back of the booklet has the note wheel in glowing white symbols atop a watery background.

The poster is a bit taller than my 13 inch MacBook is wide. On the front it has images from Open Waters, The Sun Temple, The Kelp Forest, Bright Waters (my favorite moment in the game where you go into slow motion as you jump out of the water), Mithala, and the Sunken City. On the back is a complete track list. Most of the tracks have a couple of sentence of commentary with them. There's also some nice line art and a few bits of music scoring.

The music is great of course. I've had most of it for a long time by pulling the music files out of the game but it is nice to have them in the proper order. The new song Fear the Dark is very good. It sorta fast paced and even a bit scary one you understand all the lyrics.

I think it was well worth the money I paid for it.

Is there a scoresheet available for some of the music anywhere?