Video review of Aquaria

A well done review of the product

Good review.

Finally, a review actually complementing and recommending the game! I can't hardly believe it! 😛
Really though, the guy narrating the review touched on just about everything that I came across. I agree with Two Jacks; Great review.


such a really good information for me......

This is a marvelous, well deserved review. I'd have written the same myself but I don't have such a grand and lovely English accent to make it even more enchanting. This game stand on its own and no review will ever manage to relay to others, until they buy it, the grandeur , scope, and heart pounding game that it is. At my age, I thought I might have a heart attack during some of the battles. It was definitely an adrenaline booster.
I saw this review weeks ago after I'd already started playing. I must add, I've not seen one really negative review on this game ......ever ! Most are 99% favorable and the 1% that is slightly negative is unessential. I had some peeves with the game, but apparently more expert gamers were more competent and had no issues. So, I do not dwell upon My peeves, since they must be a minority. I still am in awe of this lovely game and am so happy I stumbled upon it. I sing its praises to any one who will hear me. IT is a marvelous journey ! And, I am not being paid to say so.



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